WooCommerce Checkout Flow
Sucks. We Fix That.

4 Reasons Why You Should
2 Step Checkout Flow


Boost Conversion Rates

More Sales

Our 2-step checkout makes buying easier. More customers will complete their purchase instead of leaving. Special offers during checkout increase average order size.


Recover Abandoned Carts

Win Back Lost Sales

If a customer abandons their cart, we'll send automatic emails to remind them. This gently brings customers back to complete their purchase


Custom Checkout Page

Matches Your Brand

We'll customize the checkout pages to match your brand look and feel. This creates a smooth experience from browsing to buying.


Integrated CRM

Know Your Customers

Our built-in tracker lets you see important customer stats. You'll understand who your buyers are and what they like. Use this info to create targeted email campaigns.

Simplify the buying process and increase conversions

Make Customer Experience
Better & Smooth

Reduce the number of clicks in your customer’s journey
by upto 50%! Once you try our 2-Step Checkout Flow,
you’ll never return to the old way

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any payment gateway plugin which work with wooccommerce will also work smoothly with our 2 Step Checkout Flow.

Yes, we will make sure the 2 Step checkout flow is compatible with your current setup and you will also get 30 days of Support from us, after the setup.

It Varies because every Woo Store uses different plugins and theme builders. So we check your current setup and then use compatible plugins accordingly ( here are a few plugins we prefer to use Funnelkit, Cartflows , Elementor, Bricks )

Yes, of course, you can, incase you don’t want to save both the time and money that you’d spend trying to figure these things out for yourself.

You will get the premium plugin license for free for the first year and then a nominal renewal fee every year for plugin license or if you want a license directly then you can get that too. It will not affect the 2-Step Checkout Flow setup.

It sure will. 2-Step Checkout flow is especially important for newer stores that can’t afford to waste their ad budget sending traffic to less converting checkout flow.

This is only for Woocommerce/Wordpress only as Scalewoo is specialized agency for woocommerce platform

Well, let me take care of that! Simply send me an email (vivek@scalewoo.com) and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Vivek Arora

About Me

Hey folks! I'm Vivek, the founder of ScaleWoo. When I'm not optimizing WooCommerce Stores, you can find me planning my next backpacking adventure.

I started down this path while freelancing, when I built multiple stores using WooCommerce. I noticed most had clunky checkouts that lost sales. I knew I could make them better.

After a lot of testing and tweaking, I created a streamlined 2-step checkout process that boosts conversions. Now, I want to help other WooCommerce stores maximize their revenue potential.

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